Written By:  Ian Needs |  Published:  2/24/2020

6 Key Characters to create the Ultimate PMO

The Flex

The Flex possesses the super-human power of flexibility.  The Flex knows how to setup processes that truly support the successful completion of project objectives without bogging participants down in unnecessary paperwork and administrative overhead.

Resource Ranger or Rangerette AKA the Resource Wrangler

Able to quickly and accurately report the true nature of resource allocation, the resource ranger stops over-allocation before it begins and quickly untangles complicated resource blocked schedules by scanning all possible combinations of resource availability, resources skill levels and project priorities to create a resource plan which serves the greater good.

The PM Master

In an almost 'Yoda' like fashion, the PM Master shows project managers how to successfully combine the art and science of project management.  The result is a team of highly skilled project managers who can create accurate schedules and budgets while negotiating difficult clients and resolving team conflicts.

The Communicator

Selling ice to eskimos? Please? The communicator did that as an infant. The Communicator assimilates facts that the Flex, The Resource Ranger, The PM Master, and the Plan Master and shares them with all levels of the organization so that there is no doubt about the value of the PMO. After speaking with The Communicator, the benefits of the PMO are clearly understood and all listeners become wild-eyed fans of the PMO. As an added bonus The Communicator also helps project managers create skillful communication plans that provide the right message at the right time.

The Plan Master

In close coordination with the Resource Ranger, The PM Master, and the Money Maestro, the Plan Master makes the ability to run multiple projects and programs at the same time look like child's play. But step into the mind of The Plan Master and you will see just how complicated it is to craft a plan which ensures on-time delivery and the successful integration of resource plans and financial plans.

The Money Maestro

Have you ever heard a budget sing? No? Then you have not experienced the handiwork of The Money Maestro. When The Money Maestro conducts, all of the parts of the financial plan come together in order to fund each part of each project and program in a way that is sheer art. Instead of hearing arguments over money and dissonance, you hear the subtle harmonies of a financial plan that is well-played.